October 16, 2017 – Minutes

Barry County Republican Committee

Minutes – Monday October 16

Called to Order at 7:00 pm


Pledge of Allegiance-given


Approval of September 18th meeting minutes Motion by Jake Jelsma, 2nd by Nick Turnes Motion Passed

Correspondence-No Correspondence.

Officer Reports

A. Chairman (vacation)

B. Vice Chair-None

C. Secretary-None

D. Treasurer-$6,637.22 on hand. Motion by Larry Bass, 2nd by Nick Turnes to approve. Motion Passed

Update from Elected Officials

Vivian Conner discussed fire barn, Board of Canvassers, 2018 Budget to be voted on10/24.

Dave Jackson- County has a proposed $16.2 Million Budget. $1.1 in additional funding requests was turned down. Buildable lots in Barry County may be limited. Employment in county is tight.

Julie Calley- Went over details of upcoming bill on auto insurance reform.

John Bizon- 25%-40% of children on Medicaid. There is a sunset clause if federal money is reduced below a certain point(95%).

State Committee Update (Jake Jelsema)-Gave update on those running for office in 2018.

Committee Reports

A. Financial Committee-No update

B. Grass Roots Committee-No update

C. Issues Committee-Update on TOST regulation reform or appeal

Old Business-None

New Business-None

Comments from the public (3 minute limit)

Poll of Members

Mike Cunningham- Need to inventory and find a place for storage of our material.

Cliff Ward- Not giving up on TOST reform or repeal. Do we need to engage legal means.

Kathy Ward- Mention Constitutional Conservatives.

Jim Enrietti- Gave new time and site for Tea Party meetings Also, upcoming speakers.

Nick Turnes- Concealed carry permits, proud to live in Barry County.

Adjournment-Motion by Larry Bass, 2nd by Nick Turnes to adjourn. Motion Carried. Adjourned at 7:49 pm.


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