November 20, 2017 – Minutes

Agenda – Monday November 20

Call to Order 7:00 pm


Pledge of Allegiance


Approval of October16th meeting minutes- Motion to approve amended minutes by Jake Jelsma, 2nd by Nick Turnes. Motion passed.

Correspondence- From the Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette and other candidates for state office.

Officer Reports

A. Chair-Discussed philosophy on endorsements. Barry GOP will not endorse during primary. Individuals can with invoking party name. Strategy Works may be scheduled for January. Ralph Echtinaw, Gratiot County Chair, GOP forum for chairs and District level leadership. Possible new venues for Lincoln Day Dinner. Gilmore Museum, Hastings Country Club, Legacy.

B. Vice Chair- Attended Meet and Greet for John Bizon.

C. Secretary-None

D. Treasurer-November Balance of $6,610.22. Motion by Larry Bass,2nd by Craig Stolonsburg to approve report. Motion passed.

Update from Elected Officials.

Ben Geiger- Rejected tax increases, Collaboration between Charlton Park Board and Parks and Recreation Board. Budget Passed. Revamp Board appointment process. Reforms to Indigent defense process. Gave an update on the TOST Regulation modification process. Barry presented two proposals to the Board of Health. It will be a tough fight and Barry County representatives appreciated the attendance and support of the citizen attendees to the workshop. Answered questions from Executive Committee members. Steadfast in making regulation voluntary.

John Smelker- Appreciates what Ben has been doing.

Dr. John Bizon gave update on Auto Insurance Reform

State Committee Update (Jake Jelsema) Gave update on various state candidates. Calhoun County Lincoln Day Dinner is 12/18 from 4-9pm Holiday Inn Battle Creek. Speakers will be Fred Upton, Lt Gov. Brian Calley and his band.

Committee Reports

A. Financial Committee-none

B. Grass Roots Committee-none

C. Issues Committee- Supported efforts in TOST reform.

Old Business-none

New Business-Motion By Gary Munson, 2nd by Larry Bass not to hold meeting in December.

Comments from the public (3 minute limit) Mary Treder Lang candidate for Secretary of State gave a presentation.

Poll of Members-none



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