September 18, 2017 – Minutes

Minutes – Monday September 18

Call to Order 7:00 pm

Invocation- Given by Mike Chamberlain

Pledge of Allegiance led by Chair

Attendance Taken by Secretary

Approval of June 19th meeting minutes Motion by Bob Vanderboegh 2nd by Jake Jelsma to accept. Motion passed.

Correspondence- From Energy Citizens Pro Energy org. Strategy Works, profracking. Website is Wishes to give presentation. Discussion on topic. Motion By Gary Munson, 2nd by Chuck Reid. Motion Passed.

Officer Reports

A. Chairman Addressed County GOP website. Minutes and Agendas are current. 5-6 tabs are available. Will add Resolutions Tab.

Barry County Fair-Discussion on process for candidates that want to be booth. Will look at possibilities to expand booth to allow visitors. Rental fees will increase with booth expansion. The primary expense is the required insurance.

TOST- Gave and partially read Republican resolution during August BOC TOST listening session. 22 of 24 speakers were opposed to TOST

B. Vice Chair None

C. Secretary None

D. Treasurer $7.527.63 on hand with $890.41 in expenses leaving new balance of $6,637.22. Motion by Larry Bass 2nd by Nick Turnes to approve treasurers report. Motion passed.

Update from Elected Officials

From Julies office- New budget on time. Cut MDOT positions to put money directly into roads. Auto insurance getting lots of attention. Update on Office hours.

HOOT-Update on BOC meeting with Fracking Fractivists. BOC(Ben) working on resolution against fracking. Maple Grove and Castleton Townships resolutions against TOST

Pam- Last election on current machines. Three ballot proposals in November election.

State Committee Update (Jake Jelsma) – Mackinac Conference upcoming Saturday and Sunday. Shuette has been endorsed by Trump for governor. Update on other candidates that may be running for state office.

Committee Reports

A. Financial Committee-Fund raising for next year.

B. Grass Roots Committee-September meeting.

C. Issues Committee- Committee meeting 9/27 7:00 pm Applebees.

Old Business

New Business

Comments from the public (3 minute limit)

Poll of Members

Bob Vanderboegh suggested that the website for Institute for Justice be looked at.

Adjournment-Meeting adjourned.


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