August 21, 2017 – Minutes

Barry County Republican Committee

Call to Order 7:05 pm


Pledge of Allegiance


Approval of June 19th meeting minutes- approved


Officer Reports

A. Chairman

Barry County Fair – Chairman Price gave an update on the Fair. Special gratitude given to Mike Cunningham and Kathy Ward. Some confusion between Mike Callton and Julie as to booth location. Cost was $1,566.96 and Julie donated $100.00 to Fair expenses.

There are options as to allowing political candidates to work booth and distribute campaign info next year

Budget – A budget for 2017-2018 was presented, Fair $2,000.00, Misc $600.00 and Lincoln Day $3400.00 for a total of $6,000.00. Motion by Larry, 2nd by Bob to approve. Motion Passed.

Process of electing Executive Committee was covered. Statutory members are those who ran for county wide office in primary or general elections. Elected and statutory numbers on the Executive Board must match.

Bob to clear up issues with website.

Board of Canvassers- Pat Walton name resubmitted to Board of Commissioners.

B. Vice Chair no report

C. Secretary-no report

D. Treasurer-$7,527.63 as of Aug 20. Check for $350.00 cashed after. Motion by Bob 2nd by Larry to approve, motion passed,

Update from Elected Officials

Ben gave an update and explanation of the TOST Survey process and the Public Forum August 27th at Star School.

Comment from the public the maybe it is time to move on from TOST.

Also, Ben gave an update on the DC trip he and Vivian took at no cost to the taxpayers.

Brandon Sinclair from the AG’s office gave some updates on activity at the AG office

State Committee Update (Jake Jelsema) Update on State Committee meeting in Mt Pleasant. Two pair views still occurring. Passed fee schedule, no changes.

Committee Reports

A. Financial Committee-None

B. Grass Roots Committee-September 27th meeting.

C. Issues Committee-none

Old Business

New Business

Comments from the public (3 minute limit) – None

Poll of Members.

Nick –be on guard

Carol-Part time petition

Alice-Questions on state constitution.

Kathy –Tea Party Meeting Sept.14th, Dar Leaf speaking

Bob V.-Act for America, Bridget Gabrielle-Muslim Brotherhood goal is to destroy American society.

Adjournment- Meeting Adjourned.


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