5/15/2017 minutes

Barry County Republican Committee

Minutes – May, 15, Monday

Call to Order 7:00 pm

Invocation Mike Chamberlain

Pledge of Allegiance


Approval of Previous Months minutes. Minutes were amended to show $6030.18 on hand as of April 17th. Motion by Chuck 2nd by Jake to accept. Motion passed


Officer Reports

A. Chairman

Lincoln Day Update. Income may be down due some large donations not being realized this year. Still receiving money- $740.00 outstanding. Attendance was 74 out of 88 commitments.

Motion by Carol 2nd by Carol to reimburse Mark for tickets. Motion passed

Web Site Update. Does old website exist

Budget Update. Budget is getting close.

Short discussion on flowers for deceased, no action.

B. Vice Chair. On May 4th attended Republican Women’s Council. Was oriented for east side of the state.

C. Secretary. No report

D. Treasurer. Gave Lincoln Day udate, Balance of $8,70.18 as of April 30, 2017

Motion By Mike Chamberlain, 2nd by Jake to accept, motion passed

Update from Elected Officials

Dave Jackson gave an update on debate on COA building. Demographics of seniors will be changing. Tax Payers are feeling milaged to death. New radar guns for sheriff’s dept.

Pam- May 16th deadline for August ballot language. HASS will have millage on August ballot.

State Committee Update (Jake Jelsema) Lt Gov. has already spent $500,000 on adds. Position has evolved on MBT. Granholm thanked for helpin getting passed. Now was instrumental in getting it repealed. Gave some rumors on cahdidated=s for Secretary of State, Attorney General.

State Party has established a unity commission to try to bring factions together. Oakland Party is in a Civil War between the establishment, the tea party and the libertarians.

Committee Reports

A. Financial Committee. Jake, Waiting on payment from EventBrite

B. Grass Roots Committee. Alice, looking at bylaws(?), Precinct Delegates, Next year will be critical.

C. Issues Committee. Larry, TOST type regulations are now part of a statewide event to repeal or change.

Old Business Barry County Fair is coming up

New Business

Board of Canvassers Re-appointment

Do we join the Barry County Chamber of Commerce?

Comments from the public (3 minute limit)- None

Poll of Members. Terri will be on sabbatical til Sept.

Adjournment. Motion to adjourn.


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