4/17/2017 minutes

Barry County Republican Committee

Minutes – April, 17, Monday

1.Call to Order 7:00PM

2.Invocation – Mike Chamberlain

3.Pledge of Allegiance


5.Approval of Previous Months minutes and corrections: motion-Jake, second Bob V.


6.Correspondence – none

7. Officer Reports

A. Chairman

Lincoln Day Update


a. Julie Calley would sponsor a table if we have enough ‘youth’ interested in attending.

b. Ben will handle the add in the Reminder. Add on WBCH Radio

Web Site Update (www.barrygop.com)

Budget Update

B. Vice Chair- posted our Lincoln Day Dinner on the State GOP web page.

Will be attending the Republicans Women’s Federation of Michigan on May 4.

C. Secretary – excused absence

D.Treasurer – Balance as of April 17, 2017, $7030.18 motion- Jake second – Kathy approved

8. Update from Elected Officials

Ben – COA building, Jail, Compensation for elected officials Board,

Jon – renovation of Court House

Vivian – Gun Lake Dam, Jim Dull working with attorney on resolution to take to the Board of Commissioners. Up coming presentation from Carla Fales BOC in June.

Pam – May 2 elections, 12 precincts.

State mandate we purchase new voting equipment, the state has narrowed it to 3 vendors for the County Clerks to choose from. Replacing tabulators

Jim Dull – most things “flowing well”.

Brian Sensi working with attorney on remediation cost.

Dana Boswick at MAC said Ionia Co. DNR making wetlands at $30,000.00 an acre.

Barry County is 1/3 wetlands

9. State Committee Update (Jake Jelsema) May 13 at Lansing Center, Larry will have info to attach to the mailing of next months agenda

10. Committee Reports

A. Financial Committee – selling advertising for Lincoln Day

B. Grass Roots Committee –

C. Issues Committee –

11. Old Business –

12. New Business – Should we grant presentations from interest groups

-give them 3 minutes, no discussion, no debate

-this is a public forum and do not want to alienate

-direct them to the issues committee

*We will change the agenda verbiage to ‘Comments from the public-limited to 3 minutes’

13. Comments from the public – Mark E. was at the MTA. Lansing considering their own TOST ordinance

  • 2nd Amendment March April 26, in Lansing
  • 29th Yankee Springs annual clean up 8AM at Fire Station

14. Poll of Members

15. Adjournment – motion- Bob V. Second – Mike Cunningham


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