2/20/2017 Minutes

Minutes – February 20, 2017

Call to Order-Vice Chair called meeting to order a 7:00pm

Invocation- G. Munson

Pledge of Allegiance- Larry Bass

Attendance- Taken by Secretary 4 excused absences.

Correspondence- None

Appointment of Committee Chairs

a. Finance Chair – Jake Jelsma Motion by Gary 2nd by Larry. motion passed.

b. Grass Roots Committee Chair Alice Hunt Motion by Gary 2nd by Kathy motion passed.

c. Issues Committee Chair Larry Bass Motion by Gary 2nd by Chuck motion passed.

Chuck Reid will also serve on issues committee.

Officer Reports

A. Chairman

Lincoln Day Update- Lincoln Day Dinner will be May10th at the Waldorff Lt. Gov Calley will be keynote speaker.

There will be a silent auction if there are volunteers to take charge of it.

Tickets will be $40.00 again.

Recommend allocating $3,000.00 again

Web Site Update (www.barrygop.com) Site up and running, seeking improvements. Agendas, Meeting Minutes, contact info currently on.

Budget Update-Annual Budget is in process. Fiscal year from July 1 to June 30.

B. Vice Chair- No update.

C. Secretary- Postbox paid until Nov. 2017.

D. Treasurer- Members can pay no more than $25.00 per year in checks. Pertains to Lincoln Day tickets.

Update from Elected Officials

Vivian- Gave update on county issues. This included dedication of the Cabinet Building.

Greg Moore for Senator Nofs- 11 communities in state with higher lead levels than Flint. Have to do something. Nofs Legislature of the Year by MERS. Not for Income Tax rollback because of concerns for lost revenue. No mention of reducing costs in budget.

Rep Julie Calley-Mentioned great staff. Shared committees she is on. Also, noted that the House has a committee on committees. Not in favor of rollback on income tax. Concerns about lost revenue, no mention of reducing costs in budget.

No updates from committees.

Filled four vacancies on the Executive Committee.

Elevated were;

Carol Price

Jim Enrietti

Lorna Brechisen

Nick Turnes.

Meeting Adjourned 8:07

Barry County Fair runs from July 17 thru July 22


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